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hi . how to release this game on playstation store?? is it hard to do?

Yes, it would require a complete recode at this point due to the version of Game Maker that is required now. But I agree it would be amazing!



I really love your game.

It´s beautiful, so cute and really, really fun to play.

One of those games that you replay from time to time.


Thank you for this! ☺️ This comment is the first thing I read this morning and it made my day :)


Great demake enjoyed it very much! This game really captured what it would feel like if released on older hardware, and I loved it!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I'll give your video a watch! :)

Thank you! It was very fun!


Hard to think that this game has existed for a large portion of my life

I was rewatching videos from an old childhood youtuber and came across your game.

I entered the door after the cutscene following the viking arena room (the one at the start of the Egypt rush) and was sent back to level 1.

Sorry you're having issues! That's a weird one - however that world does change a lot during it and I do believe there is a portion of the level that looks like the first level.

However, we do have a secret hidden in the game that may help you. To make up for the trouble, I'll post it here although I will warn this is from memory (I'll confirm later on): hold the letters 'D' and 'J' at the main menu screen for a level select screen ;)

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Thanks for the tip, but I'm pretty sure this isn't intended. I fought Zeus again, and reacquired his lightning and ended up in the second level. Here's a clip of the issue:

Whaow!! In all the years since release I've never seen magic like that! Very strange, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully the code above can get you back where you were :)

This looks really cool, but the controls are a bit of struggle for me. I've been trying to get the Joy2Key software to work, but I can't seem to get it to acknowledge the buttons on my Xbox controller. Do you guys know a good tutorial to help with that?

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I would use 'AntiMicro' instead of Joy2Key as AntiMicro is open-sourced and more secure.  You know exactly how it works and that it isn't doing anything shady in the background.  Also has Linux support!

There are also a few presets, including one that I contributed for Guild Wars 2 :)
Check out the presets and then adjust for your needs.  If you still need further assistance, I can help you out live via Discord.  I've got a link in my itch profile.


This is great! Thank you for sharing! 🙏

Linux version?

Hi COERSA! At this time, it's only available for Windows PC.

Ooh '-'

Well you can try via Wine or Lutris.

Amazing nimi game about GoW franchise.

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Very glad you enjoy it! :D  Thanks for playing and commenting!