Bloostar Released!

This game has a bit of a history. 

If you're interested...

When I was a young lad and first learning Basic, I made a little game called "Rainbow Death Squares" where little squares would fly across the screen and you'd have to avoid them. It was very simple but I was proud of it - especially the "Boss Key" feature I built in that perfectly simulated WordPerfect 5.1! 

The original game was unfortunately lost when my PC stopped booting and also unfortunately, I was a young lad that didn't yet know how to fix that yet.

Some years later, as a tribute I made this version for iOS and Android. It was one of those "code in a day/week" projects, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I designed it to be played completely one-handed and it was meant to be a quick distraction while you waited for a bus etc.  It felt good to bring the game back in a manner.

However now I've sort of shifted away from those ecosystems and Bloostar has disappeared from iOS and soon on Google Play as well.  Therefore I'm releasing it here on, where he can stay!

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