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Unleash the Power Within!

Overview: In the mystical realm of Rodentia, darkness looms. The once peaceful land is now plagued by malevolent forces—skeletons, ghosts, and ancient curses. But fear not! Our pint-sized hero, Mickey the Mouse, is ready to embark on an epic quest to restore balance and reclaim the Cryptsmasher—a legendary artifact that holds the key to unimaginable strength.


1. Tiny Hero, Mighty Quest:

  • Play as Mickey, a mischievous mouse with a heart as big as his ears.. who will have to discover the courage within.
  • Traverse treacherous landscapes, from eerie graveyards to haunted forests, in this classic platformer adventure.

2. Fight the Denizens of Darkness:

  • Battle hordes of skeletal warriors, spectral phantoms, and mischievous poltergeists.
  • Master your tail-whip attack, dodge bone-chilling spells, and outwit cunning foes.

3. The Cryptsmasher waits:

  • Legends speak of the Cryptsmasher—an ancient and mysterious mask forged by celestial mice to protect the land.
  • Gain its power to acquire strength known by no Mouse.

4. Top-Down Action and Otherworldly Powers:

  • When Mickey wields the Cryptsmasher, he gains otherworldly strength and his body changes form to contain it all..
  • Smash obstacles, break through walls, and unleash devastating shockwaves in top-down action segments!

5. Epic Showdowns:

  • Confront the malevolent Lich Ratul, master of necromancy, in a climactic battle.
  • Will Mickey’s courage and newfound power be enough to save Rodentia?

Are You Ready?

Prepare to scurry, leap, and smash your way through a dark and enchanting world. The fate of Rodentia rests in your tiny paws. Mickey the Mouse: Cryptsmasher—because even the smallest heroes can wield the mightiest artifacts!

Are you Mouse Enuff?

In development exclusively for Gameboy and Analogue Pocket. Rated E for Everyone.

Disclaimer: The Cryptsmasher is not responsible for any accidental cheese explosions or sudden cravings for acorns.

Updated 10 days ago
Published 21 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorAdam Holmes
Tags8-Bit, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, mickey, mickeymouse, mouse, Pixel Art, Retro, rom

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It's pretty clever to all it Mickey the Mouse :)  Wondering if it keeps Walt's Lawyers away. How many % you consider this game done already?

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Hi there! I'n still in the design phase, playing with the sprites to get them easier to view on the dark backgrounds and working out level maps.

I'd estimate maybe five to ten percent complete at this point. I'm taking my time to make sure it's done right :)

I'll be starting to post regular dev logs soon as well to keep you guys up to date 🐀👻


Cant wait for this