Welcome to Substation 7!

As a direct result of the Byte-Off IV competition hosted by the NESMaker creators The New 8-bit Heroes, my teenagers and I kinda accidentally created a universe.  And for some reason it took the form of a "'zine", the kind of peer created publication that found its way around the school, reproduced on high school photocopiers when librarians weren't peeking.  The idea is, each issue (episode) will come with a little pack-in NES (or Gameboy we're thinking) game.  This is digital for now but heck yes I could see a physical iteration.

Story-wise, think One Piece plus Deep Space Nine plus some sorta spaghetti western with all sorts of shenanigans and things that don't quite make sense but are awesome anyway.  I know, it sounds fun right?  Well we figured game jams are for experimentation so.. we did that.  And the 90's vibe came through hard right down to the geocities inspired landing page I made for the series (yes that's on purpose!)

I hope you enjoy our little experiment and you're getting more whether you like it or not hahahaha!

Love always,

Space Dracula Cowboy aka Holmfry

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