A downloadable 'Zine

An episodic space cowboy adventure 'Zine!  Each issue comes with a small NES or Game Boy game!

Gold has become valuable again, powering all discovered forms of warp drive across the galaxy.  Reserves in Sector B are getting low...

Galactic Gold Rush: Join Captain Disco and the Disco Space Cowboys on their thrilling journey through the galaxy during the Sector G Gold Rush. As the leader of Substation 7, a mining platform turned Space Discotheque, Captain Disco must navigate the challenges of dwindling gold reserves and the quest for the keys to unlock a wormhole leading to untold riches.. and that is just the beginning!

Interstellar Adventure: Embark on an interstellar adventure with a cast of unique characters, including the enigmatic Space Vampire Dracula and the Space Podcast Princesses Cowboys, as they vie for the precious keys that will grant passage into the unexplored Sector G.

Epic Quest for Peace: With the future of peace in the galaxy at stake, Captain Disco’s mission is not just about gold—it’s about ensuring the survival of the League of Important Planets (LIP) and maintaining harmony among the stars.

A Universe Awaits: Dive into the immersive universe of Substation 7, where every episode brings new discoveries, factions, and the promise of a space-faring saga that blends the wild frontier with cosmic disco flair.. not to mention a new NES or Game Boy game to go with it!  Because why not?

Episode Number/Space DateEpisode TitleRelease DateLink to Episode
s01e01 (Byte-Off IV Demo)Gold Rush in Sector G!03/17/2024s01e01 Byte-Off IV Demo
s01e02Through the Golden Looking GlassTBA

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