A downloadable rom for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"It's like Pac-Man and The Legend of Zelda had a very sexy baby!"  -myself

Young intrepid pirate lass Bustina set sail on the high seas looking for adventure, and she got a big juicy handful of it...

Illustration by JekTheArtist

Caught in a huge storm, her ship was lost to the sea, and she washed ashore on a desert island!

Now, armed with only the pj's she was wearing and her big ol' wits, she should be looking for a way off the island, but she's more concerned with getting her hands on some nice big booty!


  • Explore a huge, open-world island as you traverse different terrains full of mazes, tricks, traps and hungry creatures!
  • A full original soundtrack by Logana!
  • Meet the islands main residents, the monkeys, who all have something "interesting" to say.
  • Find hidden treasures and other fun secrets as you search for booty... and an escape from the island!
  • An original soundtrack by Logana!
  • This rom is playable on actual NES hardware (flashing hardware required) or your favourite emulator!
  • Wonder at the tremendous marvels of how jiggly 8 bits can be!

A brand new Open-World Exploration Game for the

 Nintendo Entertainment System!

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Bustina (Demo v0.2a).nes - Rom only 512 kB
Bustina (Demo v0.2a) - Rom + Mesen Emulator 9 MB
Bustina (Demo v0.2a) - Windows Executable 1 MB
Bustina (Demo v0.2a) - Linux Executable 522 kB
Bustina (Demo v0.2a) - Mac with OpenEmu Emulator 32 MB

Install instructions

Follow the instructions in your downloaded archive file to see controls and how to launch the game! If you download the rom only version, you'll know what to do :)

For the Mac OS X download, please note you'll need to Command-right click the OpenEmu execuable and hit Open (rather than discard) the first time you launch it.

Or play the demo in your web browser on Newgrounds.com!

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